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    Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Association Secretary-General: "Marine electrical appliances" promi

    Third Cross-Strait electrical appliances in Ningde Expo from 16 to 18 days. Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Association Secretary-General Chen Wenyi participants said that with China's marine economy development, cross-strait industrial electrical appliances shall marine motors, marine electronics equipment direction of expansion, and constantly improve the level of automation.
    Chen Wenyi believes that the mainland relevant departments recently introduced policies to promote the development of marine economy, industrial development grants special subsidies marine equipment, as well as the marine industry and other areas of public service platform. Both sides can be extended to the field of motor industry, marine motors, marine electronics, ship yacht equipment manufacturing, mechanical arm, intelligent robots, development potential is very strong.
    Fujian Provincial Government Deputy Secretary-General Zhang Jinzhu believe that Fujian has initially formed industrial clusters electrical appliances and ships, small motor production and export volume accounted for one third of similar products, "China's medium and small motor capital" of the brand expanding, in May this year, the Fujian provincial government issued a special "measures to accelerate the Fujian Motor Electric billions of industrial clusters."
    Exhibitor representatives, Fujian Sheng Rong, head of Marine Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Li Jie said, Ningde has a good motor R & D infrastructure, private shipbuilding industry developed, marine motors and auxiliary electronic equipment market is vast, and the key is to improve the stability of the product and technology content.

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