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    Northland first world 5F electrical appliances appliances plaza province starting Collectibles

    Let the magical world of the mysterious "Ha 7" enduring! But as human beings, we have been using our perseverance "magic" - science and technology in changing their own lives, their own world. God nine flying, Temple butt to show the world the charm of science and technology, and by carrying the "intellectual sense of self-add system" Siemens i-DOS washing liquid from the washing machine is also a superb science and technology add magic to open a washing using a new top intelligence Laundry Experience The best representative, called a miracle home life. The miracle comes first in North Electric world. North Electric first world debut province Siemens i-DOS washing liquid from the washing machine to add, to show intelligent miracle, let people enjoy music capital of calm life.
    Wisdom from add 1 into the washing solution = 40 Laundry enjoy
    Germany imported, can be added to achieve a perfect laundry detergent and softener 1.3L 0.5L, washed 40 times or so can be carried out, according to two times a week to wash clothes calculation, about 100 times a year may be omitted inject liquid detergent duplication, real worry and effort.
    To net Soft-Get professional laundry at home treatment
    Apart from ultra smart, i-DOS's "ability to execute" favorably. It is equipped with the most advanced 3D negative Siemens washing system, ready to select the most suitable washing program based on the path and clothes of different fabrics and sizes, whether it is fragile little dress, or brightly colored sweaters, i-DOS can provide intimate Benefits. In addition, particularly strong wash with smart, intelligent soft wash, special stains wash laundry and other quick solutions, convenient laundry a key to solve the troubles, as in modern society run around a busy city to provide in house professional courtesy laundry ʱ??

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