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    Easy to see what the cool parade of TV's most worth buying?

    70th anniversary of the victory of the world anti-fascist war parade will be staged, such an important historical moment, the grand parade scene presumably across the country are very concerned. For us ordinary people, want to go to the site to watch it is undoubtedly very difficult, so of course they will ask: What kind of "gesture" to watch the big parade is succulent, the most shocking?

    震撼视听体验 TCL H8800打造临场阅兵感

    In fact, I want to put this grand parade scene panoramic view, to put this majestic momentum at a glance, for us, there is another option, and that is through a cool enough, enough to have the connotation of 4K Ultra High Definition TVThey were watched, 4K resolution is not only to show us the picture parade every tiny detail, but if with powerful sound system, I believe wanted to "virtual reality" is by no means a difficult thing.

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