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    Small appliances adverse economic growth last year, 13.4

    Recently, the "2009 China's small household appliance market will be" held in Foshan. Annual data show that: in 2008, China's small household electrical appliance industry maintained a growth momentum of 13.4% year on year, while facing the changes in the external environment. Currently, the international financial crisis is still spreading, Chinese small home appliance industry is facing unprecedented competition and challenges.
    Small kitchen appliances still selling body
    CCID Consulting recently released "2008--2009 China's small household appliance market research annual report" shows: China's home appliance industry in 2008 under the impact of the global financial crisis, the overall slowdown in demand, but the small appliance industry still continues the trend of 2007, rendering contrarian growth trend, which is more obvious growth of big brands.
    Experts believe that this is due to the current gap between the United States and Europe are still small household appliances of ownership compared to strong market demand potential catalyst for a steady growth in sales and sales of small household electrical appliances.
    Data show that overall sales in 2008 amounted to 110.19 billion yuan of small household appliances, and in 2007 an increase of 13.4%; sales amounted to 320 million units, an increase of 14.2%. On sales, personal care appliances, small kitchen appliances, the proportion of small household appliances were the three classifications of 21.2%, 65.8% and 13.0%.
    Small appliances lower average price
    According to statistics, from 2006 to 2008 the average price of Chinese small appliances steadily. In 2008, the average price of small appliances 344.1 yuan, down 0.68 percent compared to 2007. Nevertheless, even in many of the categories of appliances, small appliances still "profitable" has become a new investment firm growth.
    Experts believe that in 2008 affected by fluctuations in raw material prices, RMB appreciation and labor, the global economic downturn and other unfavorable factors, the overall decline in home appliance industry profits, small appliances exports suffered a serious setback. Such profit is relatively abundant, small household appliances as a whole showed growth of naturally become a large home appliance manufacturers new investment points. "With the influx of many home appliance manufacturers, small household appliance market competition intensified, the iron law of survival of the fittest makes small appliances brand pattern has become increasingly clear, the correct choice of the potential growth of small household electrical appliances will be many small appliance manufacturers and about to enter the small household appliances manufacturers in the field of the focus. "
    Energy efficiency standards has become a priority
    "Lack small appliances standards resulting mixed products, hindering the healthy development of small household electrical appliances industry." Consumers Association data show that in 2008, "3.15 consumer complaints" received a total of 688 complaints of small household appliances, efficient complaints up 98.55 percent, of which well-known brands of small appliances more complaints, quality and service as the main barriers to domestic sales of small household appliances. On export, the standard also makes the Chinese backwardness and lack of small electrical appliances industry often face technical barriers. Therefore, the urgent need for small household appliances industry standards to guide the healthy development of the market.
    Secretary-General of the National Standards Technical Committee appliances MA De-jun said that the formal implementation of the "People's Republic of China Energy Conservation Law" to promote the rapid development of energy-saving appliances industry. With the national policy to promote and stimulate new enterprise products, manufacturers and consumers continue to raise awareness of energy saving, "energy" will be the focal point of small household electrical appliances industry.

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